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Website Content Creation & Maintenance

We offer website content creation services as well as language translationIn contrast to the website wrapper (i.e. general design that is the same across pages), we call the specific text, images, videos, audio etc that make up the pages of your website the web contents. Some of our clients manage their own web contents, adding and editing using one of our content managed solutions. However, you may need some assistance with web contents and that is the purpose of our content services.




Website Maintenance Contracts


Just too busy to have time to update your website? Working with website technology just not your thing? We can help you maintain your web page contents, and often at lower cost than you can do it in-house. We can help update your online showroom or publish new ads to your website. We can prepare and send out your email newsletters. We can create your online surveys. We know our software and we can often work faster and more efficiently than others. And if you want us to do this regularly, a maintenance contract can provide reduced rates, priority service for problems, and the reports you need.


It is not necessary that you visit us face to face to take advantage of our services. Many of our clients use mail, email, and/or our web-based file exchange system to interact with us from anywhere - North Carolina, California, Florida, and other states as well as Canada.




Writing Content


Just not sure how you want to say it? Hate to write? Just not enough time to create the text for your website? Maybe we can help.


If the problem is really more about the writing per se, you may be interested to know that the nHarmony team was published articles in magazines and journals, books, website pages, and other kinds of writings in print and electronic form. We'll need help in understanding your organization and the information you'll want on your website, but we can help find the right words for you or recommend a copy writer.


If the problem is really not having the right information, we may be able to locate experts who do have that information. For example, perhaps you need research on allergy treatments, genetic research, or some other esoteric field. We may be able to find professional researchers, graduate students, or others who can help.




Foreign Languages


If you are ready to open up your website to those who speak Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese or other languages, we can help. We have found a number of ways to assist in the process of translating websites into multiple languages:


  • Finding individuals who can do the translation.
  • Facilitating the translation of web pages created using our content manager.
  • Training and supporting translators to edit on the web.




Other Content Services


We also provide photography and other content services.  Interested? Contact us.

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