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Vigilant SOP

Does your organization have standard operating procedures, but some departments miss documentation deadlines or completely forget to do some?


Does your organization currently document standard operating procedures on paper, but wish there was a way to reduce storage while keeping the ability to easily access and summarize them?


Is your auditing process time-consuming, and it just seems like there should be a better way?


Vigilant SOP is a software system designed to improve compliance and increase efficiency, while simplifying the auditing process and providing useful reports to management. It includes:



  • Tools for creating and approving SOPs.
  • Tools for handling both online and paper SOP documentation.
  • A reminder system to notify employees about deadlines concerning SOPs.
  • A warning system for supervisors about SOPs that have not been documented as the deadline approaches.
  • An online system for auditing Standard Operating Procedures and their documentation.
  • Archiving and backup.
  • Reports for management.



What sets Vigilant SOP apart from other software systems, is the well-developed reminder system for employees, and warning system for management. Both the reminder and warning systems work for procedures that should be done based on time (e.g., last Friday of every month) and procedures that are initiated by an event (e.g., a new hire). Approaching deadlines are monitored and alerts will be sent automatically to notify management of incomplete work. These alerts can be received via text message, email, or by logging into the software. If documentation is not completed in a reasonable time, the warning system can travel up the management hierarchy, making middle and/or upper management aware that there is problem.


Paper-based systems are tedious to audit and often create storage issues. Vigilant SOP software can be used in conjunction with paper documentation, as a document depository. Simply scan the documents, select the SOP in the software, and upload the scanned document to the system. However, the system also includes a powerful, yet easy to use, form builder for creating online documentation for SOPs. Employees can complete documentation from a computer or tablet connected to the network.


Vigilant SOP provides interfaces for both internal and external auditors. Internal auditors can monitor progress on SOPs each day and verify that everything needing to be completed, is done and documented. When external auditors are given access, they choose a time interval and an SOP. They can view the procedure’s description and related information as well as view both online and uploaded documentation.


Accessing and documenting standard operating procedures is easier than ever, because VigilantSOP is completely web-based. Employees don’t need to learn new software – they just use a web browser to access what they need and fill out simple forms.


Visit VigilantSOP's website for more details

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