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Development of Custom Online Forms

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Online Forms are one of the most common ways to allow website visitors to interact with web pages. Most of our forms are created using our copyrighted tool, FormTools. It allows us to build forms that provide checks to user typed information to make sure forms are properly filled-out. For example, we can verify whether an email address is well formed, and make sure zip codes and phone numbers contain the right number of digits.


Using FormTools, we have built email forms that do not require opening an email program, online tests and surveys, online polls, web-based registration systems, website employee time tracking systems, and many other online forms and interactive web pages.


In addition to online forms that basically record user entries, nHarmony has created some powerful artificial intelligence software for processing entries. Just as search engines can check spelling and try to guess what you might want to be searching for, nHarmony can offer intelligent processing of entries (see SmartSearch).

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