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Custom Built Search Engines


Custom built search engines have become very valuable Web applications. Many people use Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines. We can put a Google or other search engine on your website. However, search engines that can help people find what they need on the Internet, don't work very well within a single website.


nHarmony offers two custom solutions for clients using our content managed websites.



custom built search engines for websitesBasic nHarmony Search


Our simplest search engine software is integrated into our content management system and can be turned on and customized. For example, results can be organized by categories or sections of your website. This particular customization blends the best of basic search and the strengths of indexes or category systems.  As a result, it helps website visitors more than the free search engines provided by major search engine companies.  This is the search engine we have running on this website (top of pages).



nHarmony SmartSearch


Sometimes simple search is not enough. For clients who need more, we have created nHarmony SmartSearch. Our SmartSearch can provide accurate "hits" to a wide variety of alternative ways of making requests, even ones that do not include any of the keywords that would be critical to most search engines. It can return both a list of items that match the search well and a list of related categories. The artificial intelligence we use is not applicable to the Internet; it only works well within a single website. We can also provide some other custom enhancements.  For example, we can include a search of documents and other files.  Interested?  Give us a call and we can direct you to a client who is using our SmartSearch software.

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